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Heat Pumps

Whether you’re heating a small or large area, building a new home or simply looking for the best way to heat your existing space, we have a solution to suit. Daikin heat pumps and air conditioners are known for their long lasting reliability and high energy efficiency. Over the years, Daikin heat pumps have proven to be the most cost effective heating for Tasmania’s cold climate.

Every space is different, and there are many factors that determine which heat pump is best for your home. There is an ideal location for the heating unit in each room, we can help you determine the most advantageous location. You may also need help to choose between a split system and a ducted system. At Jessups Solar Squad, we are available to give you the expert advice you need.

Simply request a free analysis and we will contact you.  Alternatively call us today to discuss your requirements.

Need a commercial heat pump or air conditioning system?  We are also available to design and cost large systems that will give high returns on investment. Whether these are stand alone heating systems or in conjunction with a solar system, there are great cost benefits to be gained. These large systems have proven to be a valuable asset in reducing the electricity costs of large spaces in Tasmania.

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